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Linux Apps are actually rather good on ChromeOS now (assuming you have a decent Chromebook!)

Quick demo of the Linux Apps I use on ChromeOS. This was done on my HP X360 14 G1 - i3 with 8Gb RAM.

Voice Typing in any app

It's come to my attention in the last few days that not everybody necessarily knows that you can actually voice type in pretty much any app. Voice typing is natively supported in most operating systems now, including Windows 10 and Chrome OS. In Windows 10 you simply press the Windows key and H how to turn on voice typing. In Chrome OS you turn on the on-screen keyboard and click on the microphone button and you can type into any app be it an Android app, the web browser, or a chrome packaged app. A quick demonstration is in the video below. It makes putting comments on student work considerably quicker in something like Google Classroom. I've also just written this paragraph using the on-screen keyboard on a Chromebook.