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Showing posts from May, 2013

New Inbox Options

GMail has gained some new inbox options. These automatically filter messages into some predefined categories. You can enable these now by clicking on settings (the cog in the top right corner): Select configure inbox and then choose the categories you want to appear: If you pick them all the top of your messages will now be sorted into a number of categories: You can pick the categories you want and go back to your old inbox in your inbox settings in options. Seems to work well at the moment. 

How to pin Chrome Apps to a Windows task bar and show the Chrome App Launcher

We the release of Chrome 27 on the stable channel recently, you can now pin Chrome Apps and the Launcher to your task bar in Windows if you want to. Makes it look a lot like a Chromebook! You will need to add the packaged app call TEXT to Chrome. You can find this here . Its not that easy to find! However, gives you a nice Chrome based text editor. Brief video below to show you what you can then do:

Using Drawings in Google Documents to create more complex layouts.

You can use Drawings in Google Documents to create more complex layouts fairly easily. This includes more complex table layout, image arrangements and shapes. I've done a brief video on the sort of things you can do: Hopefully some users will find it useful.

Using your phone as a remote for Google Presentations with speaker notes

You can the extension 'Presentation Remote' to Chrome which enables you to use your phone as a remote for Google Presentation. Seems to work well. The apps you need are shown below in the screenshot from the Chrome WebStore: You will need the 'de Mobo' app on your phone as well. Find in the iOS Appstore or Google Play. Brief demo video:

Send SMS messages from your Gmail

If you are a fan of Mighty Text (allows you to send SMS text messages from Chrome), you can now send SMS directly from GMail. Just install the Gtext extension to Chrome and refresh GMail. You do need to have Mightytext setup on you phone - iOS and Android apps and the Mighttext Chrome Browser extension linked to your phone. Both App and Extension take you through how to link the two. Some screenshots of Gtext:

How to Record the Screen on a Chromebook

You can use Google+ and Hangouts on Air to record the screen on a Chromebook (also works on a PC). You will need to link your Google+ account to your YouTube Channel to do this. This is easy and Google+ will prompt you thought this - you need a phone number to receive the authentication code. Did a brief demo below: Seems to work quite well and its nice you can easily switch between you and the screen recording.

Google Drive Android Update

If you use the Google Drive App on Android, check out the latest update. Things I've noticed: Can switch between views like in drive on a PC - so grid/list Seems to loads files much faster. Get mini preview of files like on a computer. The new file option has a scan option - so you can scan documents to pdf straight into your drive - very cool. Looks like s good update.

flickr upgrade

flickr upgrade You can use your Google Apps account to sign into flickr . You click on the sign in with Google button to get started. You free flickr account has 1 terabyte of storage for pictures and videos. These can be shared with individuals or made public in a similar way to the stuff on your drive. While Google+ gives you unlimited storage for images up to 2MP, this might be a better option for those of you who want to store lots of stuff at full quality. You can click on objects and share, more ways to share and embedded items into say Google Sites. The whole interface has also got a makeover - looks a lot more like Google+ photos now!

New features in Google Forms

There are a few new features in Google Forms that are worth taking a look at. The 'Add Item' option now includes images and dates. So you can now create you picture round questions with ease! Simple sample form to illustrate images and the date function: Loading...

Google Keep Native App

A Google Keep native app has just landed in the Chrome Apps Store. This is a great little note taking app - see my previous post about Google Keep. Got the apps pinned to my Chromebook taskbar now as I use it for all sorts of notes note. Screenshot: