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Draftback - useful Chrome Extension

Draftback allows you to playback the revisions of a Google Document. It also allows you to analysis when a document was edited, who edited it and for how long. Useful for looking in detail at how a student has created a piece of work over a period of time. Get the extension here . Demo on one of my docs:

How to automatically create Google Classrooms for an entire school using RosterSync and Capita SIMS

In this guide, I'll look at how to automatically provision all your Google Classrooms for your school based on data held in SIMS (the most common UK MIS). To carry out the following you need to be a super admin on your Google Apps domain. The end result will be the creation of a Google Classroom for each class in the school, pre-populated with a lead teacher and students. Step 1 - Create a SIMS report to pull off all students and the classes they take. You will need a report that contains the student forename, surname, Google Apps email and all the classes they take. So a pre-requisite is to have all your Google usernames on SIMS. The fields I use are shown below: Upload the resulting spreadsheet and convert to a Google Sheet.  Step 2 - Create a SIMS report to pull off all teachers and the classes they teach. You will need a report that contains work email, full name, class name and subject of the class. See my report below: In excel - use the 'remove duplicate

New YouTube controls in Google Apps for Education

New YouTube controls have recently been added to the Google Apps Admin console. Below is a brief video guide on how to use them and what they look like in practice.