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Dell Chromebook 11 3189 - touch/flip Chromebook

I've been using the Dell 3189 for a couple of weeks now and have become quite fond of it. It terms of specs, its the same as the Acer R11 and Viglen 360 so: N3060 processor 4Gb RAM 32Gb SSD IPS screen Touch flip design So don't expect amazing performance - just a solid workhorse. So the figures are: Octane (now depreciated): 8821 BrowserBench: 21.5 The Dell has a reassuringly solid feel to it. There is no case flex, the devices has a pleasing texture to it and the edges are rubberised. I've not dropped it - but I'm guessing it will survive a few knocks. The charger port is an large circular connector and looks hard to break. So no fancy USB-C. In terms of connectivity there is just two USB ports, headphone, SD card and HDMI. The screen is a pleasing IPS display and has good brightness and viewing angles. The Dell activity light is still there as on earlier Dell Chromebooks - did anyone every use it? I've been using it on ChromeOS 58 - Stable Channe