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OneNote for Andriod!!!

I'm a OneNote convert - probably the best thing that MS ever did. Organise lesson plan, class info all in one place. Now there is an Android App on Google Play - great way of looking at and editing your notes on the move. Its almost the same as the OneNote app for Windows 8. Ditch those paper files and Get OneNoting today.......

How to handle MS Office Files on Google Drive

You might wondering how to manage Office files in your Google Drive. There are a few ways: Upload revisions. Use Nexus to edit in browser - update - Nexus have not made any money - so have dropped this project. Good idea while it lasted. Use Google Drive Desktop Tool. Little video of the first two: The last one you can install at home if you want. If you want it at school - raise a support ticket and it will be installed for you. Hope this helps.....

How to do vertical text in Google Spreadsheet

After many years of waiting, this is now a feature of sheets - so this little hack is no longer needed. Options now are: One limitation of Google Spreadsheets is the lack of a vertical text option - handy if you have very wordy headings to columns. This is being worked on - but a little work around for now is the use of the following formula: =ARRAYFORMULA(CONCATENATE((MID( "English Lit"; ROW(INDIRECT("YY1:YY"&LEN( "English Lit" ))); 1)&CHAR(10)))) Don't worry how it works - just copy and paste - change both english lit's to whatever you want.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is coming.... We have access to Windows 8 from the middle of August as part of our MS Agreement. Lots of interesting comments on the web about it. It looks quite cool and the Server edition is very powerful. Would you like to trial it? Let me know...... Little vid below (not mine):

Flash Content not working???

There has been a flash update (to 11.3) that can break flash playback - so iplayer, YouTube and so on. If you are using IE or Firefox you can uninstall flash and install an earlier versions. In Chrome (this happened to me with Chrome 21) do the following: In the address bar type:  chrome://plugins/ Click on the details button (blue and top right). Click disable on the first of the three flashplayer entries - the one called pepperflash Should work now. Adobe are working on a fix....... update - was only an issue for multichannnel audio - has been fixed in the latest version of Chrome. Update - this has been fixed now.