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Showing posts from January, 2015

Speech Recognition in Google Docs

If you prefer to dictate your documents, you can now directly into Google Docs. Simply add the Voice Addon found here . You can pick your language - so speak in French, German, English - support a range of languages. Seem to work really well - the odd correction is needed but better and faster than most I've tried. Be interested to see how good the other languages are. Brief demo:

Remote Desktop on ChromeOS using Ericom AccessNow and Secure Gateway

We have just started using  Ericom AccessNow and Secure Gateway to allow access to our remote desktop server on ChromeOS. Previously we had been using free rdp clients - but the time has come to bite the bullet and pay for something. AccessNow has some key advantages over free rdp clients: A configurable user interface. Accelerated rdp  Clipboard support between remote and local session Ability to send files to and from remote session Secure Gateway to allow off site access Brief video demo done on a Chromebook off site: Getting this working is not hard assuming you have an existing rdp server. You just need to read the Ericom manuals carefully. If you want to use the off site Secure Gateway, you will need a public IP address forwarded to the local server IP address with ports 80&443 open. In addition you will need a standard SSL certificate for the domain name you use for the secure gateway (otherwise your browser will warn you about untrusted sites all the time