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Haswell ChromeOS devices go EOL - Asus C720, CN60 Chromebox, LG Chromebase and many more.

I remember when the Intel Haswell based ChromeOS devices can out how impressed I was with the performance. They still hold up very well today and we have many of these devices still inactive service - Acer C720's, Asus CN60 Chromeboxes, Acer Chromeboxes and LG Chromebases to name a few.  These devices all work fine and still offer decent performance. However, ChromeOS v76 is the last version they are getting. If you have one of these devices, take a look at the ChromeOS update part of settings and you will be told this is the last version and its time to buy a new device. I object to being told that my device(es) are obsolete and I have to buy a new one. If they work fine, why should I buy a new one and should not Google think a bit more environmentally and try to keep devices going as long as possible? Some devices, the Samsung 303 (the Silver one), have kept getting updates well beyond their listed end of support. However, in my experience, when you get the message not more u