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Syncing Google Classroom to MIS data - take 2

I've previously blogged about how to make Google Classrooms and sync them from Capita SIMS using GAM - you can see that post here . However, that post required groups made by Hapara Teacher Dashboard to work. What if you don't want or cannot afford a paid-for solution? Well, a couple of scripts will allow you to to do this. I've gone through the process in this video: Script to clean out "s from SIMS output (run in the path oif the script): $Path = "c:\gam\hapara\students.csv"  (Import-CSV -Path $Path) | Select-Object -Property 'Email', 'Class Code', 'UID'| Export-CSV -Path C:\gam\hapara\classroom\students.csv -notype (gc C:\GAM\hapara\classroom\students.csv) | % {$_ -replace '"', ""} | out-file C:\GAM\hapara\classroom\students.csv -Fo -En ascii py  Change the file names and paths to suit yourself. The Python code def readStudents(infile):     students = []     try:         student

Variable length slide transitions in Google Slides