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Showing posts from July, 2014

Timers in Chrome

I'm sure lot of people use the timer function in Chrome - a quick and easy way of putting a timer up onto the screen. Just search 'timer 2 min' or whatever time you want. However, now that 'OK Google' is working on the desktop version of Chrome, it sort of adds another dimension. Brief video of what I mean:

A couple of interesting Google Sheets Charts

There are some really useful Charts you can make in Google Sheets that you can then add to a site which then auto-updates. I've played with the maps chart quite a lot and only really discovered the 'dials' one today. Not sure how long its been there - but it is quite good fun and I can see it coming in handy. The test site can be found here . Brief demo of them below:

Brief overview of the new Google Drive

In the last few days the new look Google Drive has become available for users at to try out. To give it a spin, just click on the settings button in Drive (the cog in the top right corner) and select the new drive experience. There are quite a few significant improvements to the interface - I've tried to demonstrate a few of them in the video below: