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Bulk creating Google Groups and Calendars in Google Apps and populating them with users for free

Suppose you want to make loads of groups and calendars and populate them with users and don't want to spend any money on any tools to do it. Well you can use GAM  and a couple of scripts to do this. In a school you might want a Google Group and Calendar for each teaching group. You can achieve this using paid for tools such as Hapara's TeacherDashboard and tools that sync your MIS to AD and then to Google Apps - but these cost money and in the second case assume you actually have active directory. So this is how to do it without any of those tools and zero cost. Creating Groups You will need a csv file with a list of group names first - classes names perhaps. Save the csv file to your GAM directory. Run the following command: gam csv groups.csv gam create group ~groups groups.csv = your csv file, the 'groups' in ~groups = the name of the column of groups in the csv file. Populate with group owners You might want teachers to be group owners. So to add th