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Hangout Online with ConceptBoard for online lessons/tutorials

Had an idea to run Conceptboard (I've posted about this before) with screen-sharing in a Hangout Online. I got a plan to do this for my A-level chemists throughout the coming year. Maybe AS one week, A2 the next. All that is involved is starting a Hangout online from Google+ and clicking on the screen-sharing button and choosing the window that has your Conceptboard open. I shared the Hangout with my chemistry circle and Chemistry Community in G+. They can then join the discussion if they want to. I also shared the link to the Conceptboard with the students + the link to my YouTube channel so they could  review it later if they wanted to. This is my first effort! Will get better with time....

Google Keyboard for Android

You can download the new Google Keyboard for Android devices now. It have an excellent gesture keyboard and the voice recognition is very good - good enough to dictate documents to Google Docs on your phone/tablet. Get it in Google Play now.