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Showing posts from November, 2013

MoveNote for Education

Just an update to my original MoveNote post. This app is deployed domain wide - so if you are signed into Chrome or on a Chromebook you can use it. Basically allows you to put video commentary to anything in your Google Drive. Brief video below:

Simple YouTube timers for Google Slides

I've done a few simple timers that can be added to Google Slides. There are lots of these on YouTube - but I thought I'd put a few in one place to make it easy to find them. YouTube Timer Playlist e.g: Feel free to use in any way you want. If you want other times, or ones with sound - let me know (Post a comment etc).

Realtimeboard for Education

Just noticed that you can now get Realtimeboard for Education free if you are a student or work in a school. Just add the App Realtimeboard for Education from the Chrome Webstore. You will need to register with your school Google Apps for Education email address and then a little while later you should have an invite to Realtimeboard Pro. OK - an update - recorded this via a Hangout on Air: Seems to work really well and has loads of features. Similar to other 'board apps' but without the restrictions of not having a paid for account. Will do a little video when I have time. Screenshot below:

How to give Google Sites a friendly url

For a while now we have given all our important Google Sites and friendly url using DNS mapping. If any user at Wheatley Park School want a nice name for their site, just share the site with me and let me know what you want it called. Can be If you have not used this feature before, below is a brief video guide for Google Apps Admins.

Mind Mapping Google Drive App

There is a rather good Mind Mapping App you can add to Google Drive out now. Its very easy to use and you can create complicated maps really quickly. You can find on the Chrome WebStore here . Brief demo video I made below: