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Asus C213N Chromebook - a new touch/flip device.

Yesterday I received a new touch/flip Chromebook, the Asus C213N. This is a device that I first saw at BETT 2017 and its just getting to the point of release. The example I have is a pre-release sample and there is still a little work to do ChromeOS wise - but it's looking good. Specifications Intel N3350 dual core processor. A fair step up from the N3060/50 found on cheaper Chromebooks. 4Gb DDR3 32Gb SSD - some space for those Android apps. Matt 11" touchscreen Full 360 degree rotation Two cameras - one one above the screen (the normal position) and one at the top of the keyboard to use in tablet mode. 2 USB C ports - for all those fun USB C devices and charging. 2 USB2 ports SD card slot (micro) Headphone jack Power and volume control 1.25kg - about the same as an Acer R11 Aesthetics Its black (with a little grey) and plastic. However, it does have rubberised edges to absorb those student induced impacts. The screen hinge is very similar t