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ClearOS 7.1 as a Windows Domain Controller

I've been a long time user of ClearOS  for gateway, DNS,DHCP, backup and a variety of other services. It is a Linux distro that is backed up with a marketplace of great apps that can be easily managed via a web config (although you can drop into cli whenever you want more control). The new samba directory app allows ClearOS to behave as a full on Windows Domain controller and file server without the cost of Windows Server. So this is a demo from installation to a working DC and files server. Its about 40 mins for the full job - so skip though bits - gives you an example of what you can do. Please note the the Samba Directory App is currently in beta - but I've not spotted any bugs in a my test setup yet.

Acer R11 Chromebook

I've been tempted to buy light portable touch Chromebook for myself for a while now. I initially considered the Asus Flip which has a nice design, but relatively slow processor and small screen. Instead I bought the Acer R11 Chromebook as its get a faster Intel processor, 11.6" IPS screen and currently can be had for £179.99 compared to the £200+ of the Asus. Now I have a 2013 Pixel which is a great device but it has a few shortcomings. Firstly, the battery life is only a few hours and secondly it's quite heavy and a bit big to lug around. The other issue I have is that I use Realtime Board and Explain Everything quite a lot and while they work fine on the Pixel - the positioning of the screen is not ideal for writing on. The Flip feature of the R11 allows you to work at what ever screen angle you want. The good points of the R11: Seems pretty robust - despite being a plastic case. Keyboard is OK as is the trackpad. IPS screen is far better than most Chromebooks.

AccessNow 7.3 direct copy function

Ericom AccessNow has recently been moved to version 7.3. This version brings direct copy and paste from remote apps to local apps - a very useful feature. You do need to use Chrome as your browser. Brief demo: