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Import Domain Google Classroom Assignment Details into a Google Sheet using GAMADV-XTD

If you want an overview of all of your Google Classroom Assignments across your domain, you can do this for free using GAMADV-XTD . There are paid for options to do this - but its pretty easy using GAM - in fact, a lot easier than I thought it would be! Prerequisites GAMADV-XTD setup on machine somewhere (I have a Virtual Machine just for GAM). Optional - a list of all the classes you want to grab data for. You can do all your classes or just the active ones - but you may want to be selective. The command gam print courses todrive  will export a list of all your domains classes to a Google Sheet.  A target Google Sheet to receive the data. To pull Classroom data into the sheet run the following command: gam print course-work course "comma-separated list of classes"  creatoremail todrive tdfileid "idofsheet" tdsheet "Raw Data" "comma-separated list of classes" = 1590000591,15942000091,15942120091 .... etc "idofsheet" = the