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How to add and arrange pictures in your Gmail signature

Brief tutorial I did to do this below:

Nice Graph plotting App

I've always been one to plot graphs on graph paper and have tended to tell students to do this. However, there are some good graph plotting apps out there now. One I've recommended to my students in . Just visit the site or add it as a Chrome App. You can login with your Google account. Did a brief tutorial for my chemistry students:

Editing MS Office Files directly from your Google Drive on a Chromebook

A few members of staff at school have asked me if they buy a Chromebook, how do you edit Office files? Well I suppose the purist view is you convert them into Docs format. However, if that's not the answer, there are a few options now: Use QuickOffice Use OpenOffice Remote onto the school site - cheating as you have to download the file to edit it.... Brief demo of these methods done from my Chromebook below:

Research Tools

I've probably mentioned Research Tools before, but I spoke to a group of 6th Form students (16/17 year olds today) and few of them knew how to use them. They thought the automatic citation facility was particularly neat. Brief demo below if you have not used them before:

Quickoffice App now free

Quickoffice is now free. It allows you to edit MS office documents on Android and iOS devices. It links to your Google Drive and you just open and edit docs as you would Google Docs. Editing options are limited - but if you need to edit these files, then its really handy. Download from Google Play or the App Store now. Quickoffice is also available on Chromebooks. If you are on the dev/beta channel its enabled by default, if on stable you have to enable it in chrome flags . Just search for 'document editing' and select enable. See below: I believe it will be on by default when the stable channel hits 30.

Google Forms Update

Few new features in Forms today. Add videos, progress bars, section breaks and more: Need to have video rounds in the sixth form quiz now!