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Domain wide deployment of Google Docs Addons

Now you can deploy addons domain wide (or by sub-OU) to your Google Apps users. Its very straight forward to do and the process is illustrated in the video below. The only thing to remember is that the publisher of the addon need to publish it to the Google Apps Marketplace for you to be able to deploy it as described in the video.

Using Quarantine Manager in Google Apps

Fairly recently Quarantine Manager was introduced to Google Apps. This is a tool that works alongside SPAM filtering, objectionable content and content compliance rules you may have setup. Essentially the Quarantine Manager holds messages that fall into the categories you have defined for administrators to view before approving or rejecting the messages. We have used this to block all SPAM messages going to students. This is a brief look at how to set it up.   Please note, it is very important to have authenticated email setup - this prevents things like group notifications every ending up in SPAM. Step 1 - define some Quarantine Names Head to email settings. You will find 'Manage Quarantines' below 'Authenticated email' near the bottom: Click on 'ADD' - top left Give the quarantine a name and description of what it is going to do. Decide if you just want to drop the message or send a rejection email. See example below: This in itself does nothing

Some frequently asked questions about locking down managed chromebooks

There a number of questions surrounding the management of ChromeOS devices in schools that crop up on a fairly frequent basis. So I thought I'd answer a few of the most common ones here that are not that obvious unless you are in the know. To do the following, you must have device management licences. Some of these tricks can be achieved using other means through third party add ons - but this is all done with just device management. Prevent non domain users logging on In the admin console go to 'Device Management', 'Chrome', 'Device Settings' Use the above policy to restrict who can sign-in to your devices. Wildcards are allowed as in the example above. This does not stop users signing into a non-domain account once signed into the device. Prevent users from signing into private accounts or adding accounts once signed in. In the admin console go to 'Device Management', 'Chrome', 'User Settings' Use this policy t