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Hapara Workspace - a first look

Workspace is a new feature of Teacher Dashboard that has been released into public beta in the last few days. I've just loaded most of our classes and students into Teacher Dashboard for the coming academic year and have spent a little time seeing what it can do. It essentially bring in the assignment setting of Google Classroom into Teacher Dashboard and the ability to build courses which you can use year after year. Demo video below: If you have access to it, there is a feedback bar on each page to put in suggestions. A few observations so far: I've noticed that from the students point of view it creates a folder called 'Workspace' and in that a folder for each Workspace the student becomes a member of. Now as Teacher Dashboard creates a subject folder for each subject, then I'd like the Workspace folders to appear in the associated subject folders. Would make the integration with Teacher Dashboard a bit more seamless. However, I can imagine how this migh

Pinning Websites to the Shelf in ChromeOS 44

There are quite a few significant changes with ChromeOS 44 Stable. One that is slightly harder to spot - but quite useful is the ability to pin websites to the 'Shelf' (taskbar at the bottom of the screen). Little demo: Just be aware, if you have a managed device, your administrator may pin apps to the shelf for you, in which case this won't work.

How to pin the 'Files' App to the shelf in ChromeOS via the management console

I pin various apps to the shelf in ChromeOS for our users and for a while have wanted to pin the very useful 'Files' app. Its slightly non obvious how to do this as it's not a WebStore app as it's built into ChromeOS. So go to the pin apps dialogue (in user settings of Chrome Management) and add a custom app: App ID: hhaomjibdihmijegdhdafkllkbggdgoj URL: Click save and you are done.