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Lenovo N23 Yoga Chromebook

The Lenovo Yoga N23 is the latest touch/flip Chromebook that I've got my hands on. This device competes with the Acer R11 (4Gb/32Gb/N3060 variant) in terms of its price point. Unlike the more expensive HP 360 and Acer Spin, this does not have a stylus or second camera. Some key features Drop resistant from table height. Water resistant. 4Gb RAM 32 Gb SSD Quad core Mediatek processor - same as found in the Acer R13 - scores about 1000 points more than the N3060 and runs some Android Apps much faster. 11" IPS touch display 360 hinge - so laptop to tablet. USB C Charging Support for PlayStore Apps on the Stable Channel We are considering this device instead of the Acer R11 (which we have been deploying) for a future deployment to our new intake. Compared to the very familiar R11, the Lenovo is a little bit faster, especially using Android Apps and feels more rugged. Its also a little bit cheaper to buy. Keyboard and touchpad are very similar to other Chromebooks