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New Acer R11 vs Viglen 360 Chromebook

I've just been trying out two of the latest touch/flip 11" Chromebooks - the Acer R11 (2017 model) and the Viglen 360. On paper these are very similar devices: Processor: N3060 RAM: 4Gb Storage: 32Gb SSD Both touch/flip - IPS 1366x768 displays Keyboards - identical Both around the £200 ext VAT price range. Features that differ: Viglen 360 Has a removable battery - not convinced of the point of this in a Chromebook. 3 USB3 ports Ruggedized design - built like a tank. Heavy Screen - slight movement when touched. R11 (2107 model) Has Android Apps available now on the stable channel. Lighter Screen - little movement when touched - feels more solid. Only one USB3 + one USB2 Which would I buy? Well as a private buyer, the R11 without a doubt (the Viglen is Edu only...) - Android Apps and its a much nicer looking device. If I was looking for a trolley device, I might consider the Viglen for the warranty (3 years) and the tank like build (its weight does not ma

Restricting the use of consumer accounts on domain joined PC's

If you have domain joined PCs that can be managed via group policy and you use G Suite, then you might want to restrict the use of consumer accounts on your machines. If a user can use a private account, they can do a range of things that can potentially bypass content filtering and other policies you have set in the management console in G Suite. The best way to prevent this is at the network level - see the Google help page here . This means that all devices on your network will be prevented from using consumer accounts. Many firewalls and content filter providers (e.g. Securly) have this as a setting now. However, if you are not able to use this approach, or want to set it on specific users only, then the lastest Group Policy Templates have policies to enable it. There are two policies for this. One to block signin to Chrome from non domain accounts and the other to block non domain login to things like GMail. Restrict who can sign into Chrome: Restrict who can sign i