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Chromebases - A brief look

We received a shipment of LG Chromebases today - 30 in total. We have unpacked some of them and deployed. Apart from the annoying ChromeOS keyboard bug (defaults to US keyboard after updating to 35) - they seem a very good desktop replacement. Couple of brief videos below: Bit of screencasting Will post a bit more when I have time next term when we have a class setup. OK - so a bit of an update. We have 29 machines now deployed - 1 had a duff screen and needs to go back. The others are running well. We did have to wipe about 4 of them to get them to enrol correctly - there is a reset button on the back. Picture of some setup in a classroom:

ChromeOS 35

ChromeOS 35 is rolling out across our managed devices from today. This is a brief demo of the main new feature - the ability to put your apps into folders - not the login screen bug.

Connect to your Windows Desktop on School Chromebooks/bases/boxes

There are times when you still need to use Windows applications - SIMS being the main one for staff. The video below is a brief guide on how you can.  To have a Windows desktop running on a ChromeOS device.

Simple School ordering system based on Google Sites/Forms and Sheets

I was asked the other day to create a simple ordering system for school. At the moment we print a blank order form, fill it in and then hand it to finance. While this works, it's perhaps a bit out of date next to the other stuff we do. The video below demos the simple system I setup which we might use. It demonstrates again, the sort of thing you can do with Autocrat, a site, a form and a few spreadsheet functions. Essentially, it is a system that allows users to submit an order online and have the order form populated for them and sent to the relevant people. Might prevent a few arithmetic errors!