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Showing posts from January, 2014

How to manage admin roles in Google Apps

This is a brief guide to managing admin  roles in Google Apps. This allows you to give teachers the rights to change student passwords - the most common thing people seem to want to do.

Brief guide to appointment slots in Google Calendar

A few people have started using appointment slots in school to manage things like parents evenings. Really easy to use and set up. You could do bookings for tutorials with students, parents evenings or interviews with students.  

Brief guide to calendar functions for members of WPS

Just a brief guide to calendar functions for people at WPS.

Using Google+ and YouTube to record tutorials and run webinars

I've made a brief video on how to record tutorials and run webinars using Google+ and YouTube. Y9-11 will soon be able to use Google+ along with Y12-13. This means you can do this with them. Its really easy to do and does not require any special software. You can: Record video tutorials. Run online question and answer sessions. Run interactive tuorials. Have all the content popped into you YouTube channel for future use and playback.

Using Snagit in school

This is a brief video guide on how to use that funny little blue icon in the top right of Chrome: The icon: The guide:

Brief guide on how to setup Google Analytics on Google Sites you own.

You may have created Google Sites at school and expect people to use them. However, do you know how many people actually do? You can get an enormous amount of data about your websites by setting up Google Analytics for each of your sites. Takes a few minutes and can be very revealing about how your sites are actually used (or not!).