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Simple Random Group generator in Google Sheets

A member of staff asked me the other day if I could make a tool that would quickly generate a random set of groups from a list of students. Below is a brief video of spreadsheet I made that does the job. Its work in progress - in particular - I need to figure out how to use the indirect function in relationship to other functions for a dynamic range. So the video: Link to the spreadsheet here  - feel free to make a copy - fix/improve etc. Update - have fixed it so you don't ever have to fiddle with the formula - used the offset function for a dynamic range.

Set ChromeOS wallpaper by policy

You can now set the desktop wallpaper of ChromeOS via the management console. This is the top setting in 'user settings': Simply upload a jpg file and away you go... This is out one for the coming week: Chris Bateman - our ace IT teacher made this image and a sequence for the whole year.

Special Characters and Definitions in Google Docs

Special Characters Demo Definitions  in Docs