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Showing posts from October, 2016

File upload option in Google Forms

The file upload option appeared in Google Forms a few days ago. Its got a some neat features beyond just collecting files. Restrict the type of file upload Creates a folder in the owners Drive with a folder structure for each question. If you collect user names, it adds the persons name to the uploaded files filename. If you make a spreadsheet, it pops hyperlinks to all the uploaded files into the sheet. Brief demo:

Ericom AccessNow on a Server 2016 RDP VM

Server 2016 was released a couple of days ago so I thought I'd spin up a Server 2016 RDP VM and see how it all works. I've also installed Ericom AccessNow on the machine which is the application that allows web access to a Windows desktop - important to us as we are largely ChromeOS. I've used a few local group policies and to lock stuff down and made a mandatory profile (made by copying the default profile) to give users an appropriate experience. I'll test it over the next couple of weeks and then maybe switch from our older 2012R2 setup to this. Gives users a nice Windows 10 feel. Brief demo of what it looks like so far. And after a few more tweaks.....