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Logging into a Windows Device with a Google Account

Been here before - but this is the latest from the Google beta....

Papercut Print Deploy

This is a relatively new Papercut feature that allows you to push print queues to none AD joined PCs and Macs. I've made a short video that goes over the main points below and some notes follow that. Before you begin you need to fully configure Papercut and have a test VM that you can use ( not intuned and with no printers on it at all - remove all the defaults ). Make sure Mobility Print is deployed and the print queues you want to deploy are published. On the Test VM follow this procedure: Once the print queues are installed - make sure you change the Drives to the Kyocera ones and set the defaults. On the Print Server edit the config file: Change useridentitymethod to “ prompt ” IntervalSecs = 300 MinRa